Saturday, January 17, 2009

The "Firehouse"

Well this picture is of the upstairs of the “firehouse”. I know it looks fairly messy, but that is how I work. In the picture you can see my mother in the background. She helps out a lot. She is my financier and my consulting partner. I design my piece and she tells me what she thinks. A funny story was I had designed a bracelet and was starting to put it together and when I held it up to show her she said I should make it into a necklace and this piece was born.

Back to my workshop, you can see the pasta machine, I commandeered from my mom’s kitchen. Speaking of things I commandeered, in reality I commandeered the whole workshop. My parents originally built the “firehouse” to build kites in and by kites; I mean big ones that can fill a 10 ft. by 10 ft. room (I am not kidding). Well in truth they haven’t built a new kite since I was born and it was available when I need some where to work.


  1. That is an awesome work space whether it is "messy" or not! I wish I had that much room to work with. :p

  2. I love all the space and am dreading going to college because im going to lose that space

  3. sounds like a great snow day. My snow day was a little different, mostly playing outside, and making things for my etsy shop.
    Gotta love the snow days though.