Saturday, December 13, 2008

About Me

I am a senior at Lenoir City High School. I was captain of my soccer team which finished 4th in our district and made the 2nd All-District team. I am the Merit point secretary of Mu Alpha Theta and the Sergeant-At-Arms of National Honor society. I am a honors student and will be in the top ten of my graduating class.

Fall of my sophomore year I decide I wanted to go to Europe with People to People Student Ambassadors. The trip cost a lot of money and my parents refused to pay that amount, and I didn’t feel that writing people letters and asking for money was right. I had been playing with polymer clay for a couple of months and I was out playing with the clay when I decide I could start selling jewelry. I presented the idea to my parents and made a deal with them. If they would pay for half my trip, I would pay the other half by selling jewelry. I has been a lot of work, but now getting to fill out all my college applications and put down small business owner I know the hard work has paid off.

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