Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Christmas has come and gone.

Yet, again Christmas has come and gone. It seems like every year Christmas gets less and less exciting. Every year, it gets harder for me to decide what I want for Christmas. I mean this year I had listened to the radio and find songs I liked in order to give my Grandmother a Christmas wish list. Giving my parents a wish list was easier because I just had them buy me jewelry making supplies and I also had them order me a set of bracelets of etsy. Overall Christmas was fun. I enjoyed going out to my workshop and finishing up several new designs that I need the new supplies to complete.

I actually got more excited today because I got my acceptance letter to Georgia Tech today. I was not expecting the letter for another couple of months and it was a great after Christmas surprise. I still not sure where I am going to college but at least I know for sure I have one acceptance. I still have to here from University of Florida and University of Tennessee (I know this is a weird compensation but I will explain this combination at a later date). I am still have to submit my Vanderbilt University application.

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