Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More College News

Well, as my December 26, 2008, states I got accepted to Georgia Tech. Well today I got my second acceptance letter from a college. This time it was my fourth choice, University of Tennessee. I am glad I got accepted but it wasn’t a big surprise that I got accepted. Since I do not have any money offers, yet (and hopefully will get some), I have decide to make a chart about the positives and negatives of my four college choices. I am still working on the chart but I will post it when I make my decision.

On to other things, I am the Boatswain (or president) of Sea Scouts Ship 300. Ship 300 is a youth sailing club and is in desperate need for members. For recruiting purposes, I have developed a website for the ship. For several months I have been putting off updating it. So today, I took a couple of hours and updated the site. It can be seen at TN Ship 300. I designed all parts of this website. You can also see another website I designed at Firehouse Jewelry.

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