Monday, February 2, 2009

Good and Bad

Today, started out as a fairly bad day. I went out to my car and go to it to go to school and it wouldn’t start. It was 7:50 and I didn’t have time to jump start it. I had this strange feeling that I should have grab the gate key out of my car but decided not to. So I had my mother drive me to school, I got there on time but I did not get to go to Calculus tutoring. First block was fun, it is Senior Physics and there are 12 students in the class. After going over the homework we had a lecture on Newton’s third law of motion. Then, we had held a experiment on how the elevators motion can change the perceived weight of items as it moves. In order to do this we had to fit 13 people in our school elevator which is fairly old and not that big but the scale the teacher brought wouldn’t work. The teacher went back to the class room, and we decide to hide from him in the empty chemistry class room. The teacher came back and we were given away by the giggling boys well mostly one boy. We finished the experiment, class ended, and it started to snow.
A couple of scholarship deadlines are coming up and I went into the guidance officer to have my guidance counselor fill out some forms. One of the forms needed my class rank on it. She pulls of my class rank and starts to right ninth on the form, this immediately stand out to me because the previous semester I had been tied for first with one other boy. I got all A’s and he ended the semester with a B. So I wanted to know how someone managed to beat me when I have NEVER made a B in my high school career. She starts to look at it and realizes that they have to check the class rankings because they might have made a mistake. So now I can’t turn in the forms for scholarships until they strained it out.
Now for the best part of the day, as I said earlier that it started to snow all though Calculus it was snowing and it was collecting. We were all getting excited and hoping that we would get out. So when our principle got on the intercom and starts to make an announcement and we all start packing out stuff up because he dismisses school. This was good and bad. Great because of no school, but I was stuck at the school because I didn’t have a car. Thankfully my friend took me home and we baby sat her little brother. We had a great snowball fight with her little brother and his cousin.
So today was over all an ok day.


  1. Glad you made it home okay. Was it fun babysitting? I use to love babysitting my nephews and nieces not too long ago. I miss them since I moved.

  2. Thought I would leave a comment so I can have another entry into your contest!! My oldest son graduated in June. He would totally understand what you are talking about.